Stryd Power Meter

Stryd Power Meter

One thing that made my training so successful last year was using a power meter on my bike. Thinking back, I’m glad I purchased the power meter over a set off HED wheels … but they look so flashy! hehe. For those who are in it for the long run, whether it be full triathlon distance or bike races, do look into power meters. It will make your cycling so much more better!

A few weeks back, I saw my coach backing a kick starter program for a product called Stryd. At first, I thought it was another brand of watches for running but as I watched the video, it was a power meter for running!

The Stryd power meter basically clips onto the back of your shorts and sync’s with your watch or phone through ANT+ or Bluetooth. I was immediately sold on the product and backed the kick starter program without hesitation. The first set of devices will be available in July for coaches and the super early birds and then Sept for the remaining backers (That’s where I fall into). I can’t wait to train with this because like I said with biking, the gains were unbelievable (for me at least).





Stayed tuned! and happy training! Spring is in the air.




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