Goals vs Goals vs Goals

Goals vs Goals vs Goals

It’s time to revisit this favorite topic that every one has every year, GOALS!

Personal Goals

This year I have very specific goals and the obvious one is to qualify for Boston in either the spring or fall but by the looks of it, its looking more like a fall-ish bq’er. Having a late qualifying race means more time to refine and train but also a one shot deal since I have big travel plans in the meat of fall marathon season. Fingers crossed!

My other goal is/was to run everyday and that was going quite well until as of late when training sessions became longer and tougher. There were no issues with shorter runs but the longer sessions seem to exhibit fatigue. Coach and I agreed to stop running everyday and add some rest days or even add a different discipline. I think mentally I’m not ready to run everyday yet especially with such an intense goal of bq’ng. Running fast ain’t a walk in the park. Hence my jog streak ends at 87days. Yes, I still consider myself a jogger. I’ll definitely come back to this once I BQ!


Coaches Goals

Having a personal coach is great. Someone to decipher you run data and tell you what to improve on is awesome. Highly recommend!

Coaches goal is pretty simple, get me to my marathon injury free and mentally strong. If I have to stop my other goals, then be it. Why else did I get a coach for right? I laughed when I saw “Do nothing – walking is fine” on my trainingpeaks.


Till next post folks.

Happy running!


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