2015 Toronto Yonge Street 10K

2015 Toronto Yonge Street 10K

Like last year, I signed up last minute base on weather. It seems to be a reoccurring theme for me.  At the same time I managed to receive a good discount if you signed up with Tribe Fitness which was a local free run group in Toronto.

I had a slew of goals I wanted to hit during this race but deep down, I wanted that 40min marker. Ideally, 45mins was more reasonable.

Training up to this point was tough, I was sidelined with a knee injury a few weeks back during a supposedly 2h50min run. That was stinker as it was right in the midst of my speed training.

Same as last year, I dropped off my car at Ontario Place and took the shuttle bus up to the start line. I hung out with the Tribe group for a bit before heading off to warm up and look for Troy who was the 40min pacer. Catherine was running with her friend at work and Coach was pacing the 52min group. I never did end up finding anyone till the end of the race.

I hung out behind a large group of people to keep warm as the wind was nuts! 20-30km wind gust from the east which felt more like the south. It was going to be a tough 10k run.

The first 5k was fast with the downhill (22min/4:31pace). My hr was close to 160bpm which was what I’ve been practicing lately. Holding my hr at 160 was another question.

It was a sigh of relief to be directly out of the wind after turning onto Richmond St. It was still a tad windy but manageable. With less than 2k to go, it was tough, my legs felt like bricks from the lactic acid and the turnover dropped. My hr was slipping, I couldn’t keep it together and that 45min goal was fading.

I crossed the finishing line with a time of 46min 42sec, 16 secs faster than last year. I slight PB but nothing to be proud of.

Till next race! Goodlife Half!


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